Simplicity in the Sand: a Bohemian Bridal Styled Shoot in the Dubai Desert

What is at the heart of the bohemian spirit? Synonyms for the word include: unconventional, nonconformist, offbeat, original, alternative. A bohemian is described as someone who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices. It’s in this spirit that I approached the planning and choosing of the shoot’s individual elements. I wanted something unpretentious, down-to-earth and rustic with a touch of elegance and a little bit of an “I’ll do what I like on my wedding day” feel.

Irina at Blossom Tree Flower Shop really came through with beautiful flowers and colour choices that fit the setting and the spirit of our shoot beautifully. I was really pleased to have a protea as the centrepiece of the bouquet since it’s the national flower of my country and is very beautiful.

Not only did Janice Warner design and make our bride’s beautiful lace long-sleeve bridal gown from scratch, but she was also our official hair and make-up artist for the day. She is a lady of many talents!

If you want a beautiful gluten-free wedding cake that doesn’t compromise on flavour then you NEED to contact Firin Gluten-Free Bakery. They made an incredibly delicious four-tiered gluten-free lavender vanilla cake with dried lavender and succulents to decorate. With a daughter who can’t have gluten, I’ve tasted my fair share of disappointing gluten free baked fare, so I was very pleasantly surprised by how super-delicious this cake was! They also made scrumptious gluten-free mini carrot cakes and the bakery’s popular Chai Haleeb – mini coffee cakes filled with oriental flavours like ginger and cardamom.

I’m thankful for the contribution of the awesome Rincey Philip Interiors for putting me in touch with The Imperfect Parlour. They provided us with a beautiful table and chair that added a lovely touch of blue to the colour palette. I highly recommend checking out the amazing work they do. They love finding unique pieces of furniture and turning them into something even lovelier. Oh, and they even give their pieces names! Our guest star from their shop is named Donna.

Finally, a big thank you to my business partners in The Photography Creative, Katharina and Melissa, for making this shoot SO much easier with your advice and support on the day.

Wild florals, wild hair, bare feet and an enjoyment of the natural beauty that Dubai has to offer – sounds like a great bohemian wedding to me.


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Model: Elise Cole
Dress: Janice Warner Fashion and Events Emporium
Hair and make-up: Janice Warner Fashion and Events Emporium
Jewellery: Stylist’s own
Cake: Firin Gluten-Free Bakery
Flowers: Blossom Tree Flower Shop
Table, chair and mirror: The Imperfect Parlour
Furniture sourcing: Rincey Philip Interiors
Photography: Nicky Lejeune Photography

Bohemian styled shoot_0225.jpg
Bohemian styled shoot_0229.jpg
Bohemian styled shoot_0234.jpg
Bohemian styled shoot_0228.jpg
Bohemian styled shoot_0227.jpg
Bohemian styled shoot_0226.jpg
Bohemian styled shoot_0231.jpg
Bohemian styled shoot_0232.jpg
Bohemian styled shoot_0237.jpg
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Bohemian styled shoot_0233.jpg
Bohemian styled shoot_0235.jpg
Bohemian styled shoot_0238.jpg
Bohemian styled shoot_0240.jpg
Bohemian styled shoot_0242.jpg
Bohemian styled shoot_0243.jpg
Bohemian styled shoot_0247.jpg
Bohemian styled shoot_0244.jpg
Bohemian styled shoot_0248.jpg
Bohemian styled shoot_0245.jpg

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