Andrea, Phillip & Tom: a family lifestyle photography session

It can be jolly intimidating doing a portrait shoot for another photographer – espcially one as awesome as Andrea of Andrea Jecker Photography. Lucky for me, Andrea is not the type to question my creative decisions and I’m so glad she put her full trust in me to “do my thing” on this shoot. She and Phillip are a beautiful and fun loving couple who are clearly totally in love with their little boy, Tom.

Tom exemplified the term “Murphy’s Law” by becoming extremely tired and ready for his nap approximately five minutes into our shoot. But you know what? The point of a lifestyle family shoot is to capture a little slice of real life and this tired little guy was happy to help us meet that objective by passing out and snuggling up with Mama and Papa for most of our hour-long session. I love the result: family snuggle time on the bed.

This sweet family is packing their bags and making a big move back home to Germany. I think this shoot was a wonderful way to celebrate the space they’ve called home for the past few years.

Wishing safe travels and wonderful adventures for Phillip, Andrea and sleepy Tom! xxx

Dubai Wedding Photographer_0037.jpg
Dubai Wedding Photographer_0042.jpg
Dubai Wedding Photographer_0039.jpg
Dubai Wedding Photographer_0038.jpg
Dubai Wedding Photographer_0043.jpg
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