Lifestyle family photographer in Johannesburg: The Van den Bergh family at home.

As soon as I pulled up the driveway at Juan and Nadine’s house, their rambunctious dogs made sure to remind me that they were as much a part of this family as anyone else (let’s not tell my husband that they jumped up on my car). So naturally, they had to be part of the shoot and made themselves very comfortable next to baby Hannah on the family bed for some family downtime (although you may want to look out for one particular shot of a very unimpressed Jack Russel. I’m not entirely sure what was going on there!).

Though Hannah was feeling a bit under the weather, she was a little trooper – smiling for mom and dad and eating whatever she could get her hands on (including plants).

The routines that make up your family’s everyday are precious moments to record. Hannah can look back one day and remember the way she used to chill on dad’s lap while drinking her bottle, the rocking chair that she and mommy used to snuggle together in, the sweet dogs that fussed over her. Photographing these moments brings me joy.

What special routines of the day would you like to remember?

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